Representing the interests of the Orakei suburb residents

"The silence is deafening"  > "Get YOUR voice heard!"


About Us


  • Serve the Orakei suburb, which roughly covers the area within Kepa Road, Tamaki Drive and Patteson Avenue, and excludes the areas represented by the  Mission Bay Residents Groups.
  • Obtain opinion from and represent the interests of the Orakei Suburb residents.
  • Promote a community spirit that encourages active participation by Orakei suburb residents in the efforts to develop a stronger, better connected community.
  • Develop and support actions to protect the environment, green-spaces and established trees in the area, and promote sustainability.
  • Engage with agencies responsible for providing and improving local infrastructure, amenities, and services, and ensure that these agencies make the best use of the resources allocated to them; 

Yearly Membership is $ 10.00 only

Our members are very diverse but united by their common interest. 
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