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Okahu Bay Stormwater 
Public Line Installation - K Line - Notice

Update from: Josh Nicodemus - CB Civil- Site Engineer

 CB CIVIC will begin new public line installation 
starting Monday 27 th July 2020.

This public line will be affecting the Orakei Domain/Ngake Street Walkway which we will be drilling right underneath it (highlighted below) 

This is currently our biggest line to install which will be a continuous drill of 180m. Method will be to wield these pipes from the rugby club car parks which will then be dragged down towards tamaki bay drive. Once full length has been wielded together – we will start to pull pipes with excavator towards our drill machine on Orakei Domain (Highlighted above).

  What you need to know:

  • CB CIVIC will be starting on Monday 27th July with both excavation on walkway (Closing walkway) and Ngake Street closure.
  • We will blocking access to bowling club for one day when we are pulling pipe.
  • We will be having 2 medium size diggers onsite to assist with installation.
  • Trucks will be coming in 
  • and out of area to deliver material – A traffic management system will be      
    in place.
  • The works will not take no more than 8 weeks to complete. The long duration is due to the complexity of the work planned and to ensure we have covered all aspects to ensure a safe installation.

  If you have any questions please please contact:

 Josh Nicodemus   I   Site Engineer  I   022 038 1565

 Another interesting Public Meeting of the Orakei Community Association was held at the RSA Hall.

The audience heard from Mr Scott Milne, the new chairman of the Orakei Local Board, who outlined some of their plans for the year ahead. He told us the Local Board are very excited for the future & they will be very happy to work closely with the local Residents & Community Associations to achieve a wide range of goals for Orakei. 

Mr Wayne Pihema, Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Orakei School, gave an interesting talk about the school and it's history. It was first opened in 1938 by the Labour Prime Minister of the time, Michael Joseph Savage; the school was designed to meet the needs of one of the first state housing developments in New Zealand.

The next address was from Mr Michael Earl, Principal of the Orakei School. A very informative talk detailing the make up of the school, the goals and challenges for the future, discussion on 'school zones' & some information on the new approach  & changes to the 'decile system'. We also heard about a number of recent success stories & achievements of the pupils.

As a community we should be very grateful to have such an enthusiastic and energetic principal, Michael Earl, leading the Orakei School.

Project Okahu.... It was interesting to hear from Mr Sri Pulla, Senior Healthy Waters Specialist, Auckland Council and also from Mr Joshua Nicodemus, Stakeholder Manager for C B Civil & Drainage (the contractor doing the work). They gave us some background to the reason for the project, which is to clean up the water in Okahu Bay by separating the stormwater from the sewage wastewater. The task is budgeted to cost in the region of fifteen & a half million dollars & it could take over a year to complete.

There are maps available of the Catchment Area involved, with indicative timings for the schedule of work. More information & newsletter updates will be available on request to email: or you can talk directly to C B Civil on 0508 652 487 or email:

This was our last public meeting for 2019. Thank you to all those who took part & we look forward to more public meetings next year. If anyone has any suggestions for subjects and people you would like to hear from next year please send your ideas to our chairman Mr Alastair


November 2019

Update from the Orakei local board on the Tamaki Drive Project.  

Auckland Transport are will begin work on the Tamaki Drive Cycle Path in January 2020. The cycle path will be located between the end of the Quay Street Cycleway and the intersection with Ngapipi Road. The route will improve access into the city centre by connecting the Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive shared path to the Quay Street Cycleway extension.

During the construction of the cycle path, AT will take the opportunity to address flooding in low spots along Tamaki Drive, between the Outboard Boating Club and Ngapipi Bridge, by raising the road and berm level by up to 500mm.  This work is an interim solution, but it will provide more resilience during extreme storm events such as king tides, storm and high winds.

AT sought public feedback on the proposed route and path design in May/June 2017 and the feedback was used by the project team to improve the design.

The project is expected to be completed in December 2020.

Update on construction

October 2019

The delivery of Sections 2 and 4 of the Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive Shared Path are subject to funding approval by the funding partners Auckland Transport (AT) and Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency.    

We anticipate that both AT and the Transport Agency boards will have made a decision before the end of the first quarter of 2020, and we will advise the community of the decision at this time.

In the meantime, we will still be working on the final design aspects, consenting and other statutory approvals for Section 2 of the path so that if funding is secured, construction can commence as soon as possible.In parallel we are progressing Section 4, to get this section ready to apply for Resource Consents and get construction ready.

If funding is approved, it is expected that construction of Section 2 will progress in the first half of 2020, subject to finalisation of statutory approvals and procurement.


The initial time frame for the four sections of the Glen Innes to Tamaki Shared Path project was 2015 – 2018.


As work on the project has progressed there have been significantly more design and construction challenges, and therefore higher costs, than anticipated when the project was initially scoped in 2015.  



We appreciate that the community is eager to see the path completed. The NZ Transport Agency and Auckland Transport are working closely together to progress the remaining sections of the path.  

Working with the community and people who will use the path is important to us, and we will continue to keep people informed. 

Section 3

Section 3 was fully   completed in July 2019. This involved widening the existing boardwalk (while   keeping it open for use) to 4.5 meters, installing new skid resistant   surfacing and a new balustrade with handrail lighting. The lighting has  extended the hours of use of the boardwalk. Please see our video about this  recently completed section here.

We’d love to hear what you think of the boardwalk and how you are using it -  contact us on or post a message on our Facebook page.

To find out more about   the project:

has made a submission on Healthy Waters’ application for a regional stormwater discharge consent.  
The following submission was presented orally at the hearing.

*SASOC is a coalition of community organisations (currently numbering 20) situated in the central Auckland isthmus, extending around the Waitemata Harbour from Mission Bay in the east to Whau creek in the west, as well as adjacent inland areas. It was formed in March 2017 to advance a community demand for clean water in our harbours and beaches, watercourses and aquifers.

contact: David Abbott

 Orakei Basin 

shared path

NZTA have heard the feedback. They want to hear your thoughts on the design of the next sections of shared path 

Orakei Basin Shared Path Boardwalk

After months of advocacy on your behalf, I am extremely pleased to advise I now have agreement from both NZTA and Auckland Transport that the current fence design running alongside the Orakei Basin will be changed. Public consultation on the design for the remaining two stages of the pathway will go out for feedback in September this year. This will include the opportunity for residents to have input into the shared path design for the final two stages. When that design is confirmed, it will be applied to the Ōrākei Basin section. 
As Rachel Hunter famously said “ it won’t happen overnight but it will happen”. I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of you who have contacted me over this issue. It’s been an interesting journey and a learning curve for both agencies involved. 

Everyone agrees that communication needs to be better in the future, and I have had confirmation on that too. 

 Proposed Mission Bay development

The Missionbay-Kohimarama Residents Association held a very successful public meeting on Wednesday 3 October, with more than 350 people attending.  The proposed development has clearly hit a nerve in the community, with strong concerns over the proposal, particularly regarding the massive height and bulk of the buildings.

The meeting outlined the proposed development and what it would look like, and then looked at what benefits and adverse effects it would bring to the community.  It was highlighted that while the proposal would result in much improved buildings and the quality of the retail space would dramatically improve, the floor area available for retail and hospitality would be substantially reduced.  The development would add 100 apartments, but at the cost to the community of a reduction in public facilities.

In addition, the height and bulk of the buildings would totally dominate the beach and reserve, and in fact would be dominant from all over the suburb.  The Association presented a series of before and after photos to illustrate the visual impact from a wide range of vantage points.

You can view the application on the Council website here. 

Click to view Public Meeting slides

Thursday, 23 August 2018


The Eastern Bay Songbird Project is starting to trap pests in the Hobson Point area of Orakei. They have already been trapping in
Paratai Bush and Ngapipi Bush and now want to extend to the residential areas.
Please advise if you are already trapping on or around your property.
If you would happy to have a trap but don’t want to check it, they can arrange for someone to do this.

Fnd out how you could help increase the numbers of native birds in your garden and local reserve. New members are eligible to receive a free rat trap.
If you don’t fancy rat trapping, there are lots of other ways you can help including pest and bird monitoring.


The transformation of part of the Orakei Basin near new boardwalk into the ugliest (steel fenced) “boardwalk” in the world. 

This walk takes you around the Orakei Basin using the boardwalk and bridge across the Purewa arm of the basin that was conceived by the Hobson Community Board of the Auckland City Council (2008 to 2010) and built in two stages (the boardwalk -2010 and bridge -2011). 

Metal railing for cyclists as part of widening of Auckland's Orakei Basin boardwalk labelled an environmental eyesor

A new metal railing to allow for cyclists across Auckland's Orakei Basin is upsetting locals who say it ruins the natural environment of the popular inner-city lagoon.

The timber decking will be replaced with an anti-slip GRP (fibreglass) surface. While the existing timber decking slowed cyclists down, the new fibreglass surface will encourage cyclists to speed up.

Residents and local politicians want to keep the existing 1.2m-high wooden balustrade railing and work to stop on a 1.4m-high metal railing.

The boardwalk has exceptionally beautiful natural water and bush views, says Orakei Basin Protection Group member Roy Champtaloup, who says the vista must not being ruined or compromised by "bureaucratic nonsense". more

New Zealand Herald:

Giant statue of Papatūānuku the Earth Mother proposed for Bastion Point

New Zealand's own version of the Statue of Liberty may soon welcome visitors at the entrance to Auckland Harbour.

The structure of Papatūānuku the Earth Mother, proposed by Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei and part-funded by Auckland Council, would stand 30 to 50 metres tall on the historic headland of Takaparawhau/ Bastion Point.

That would make it as big as, if not bigger than, the New York icon, which is 46m.

The iwi has conceived it as Auckland's version of the Statue of Liberty or the 30m Christ the Redeemer above Rio de Janeiro, visible in lights at night from across the city, with stunning views from downtown, the North Shore, and from ships and ferries.

Mayor Phil Goff said it "has the potential to be an iconic symbol of Auckland".

"It will reflect the unique culture and identity of our city and be enjoyed equally by Māori, the wider community and international visitors," he said.

Auckland Council has approved $1 million in its 10-year budget for initial design and development of the proposed structure or "pou" - $100,000 for design in the current financial year and a further $900,000 for initial development next year.

"It is anticipated that council funding will be supported by other funding contributions," the council said. more

Exciting developments underway at Okahu Bay, 
at the Sports Centre & at the Royal Akarana Yacht Club

Recently Andrew Brookland mad an excellent presentation to the local community at the Orakei RSA.
Andrew's talk was very much appreciated by many people & the Orakei CAI is confident those who attended now have a much better understanding of the Akarana Marine Sports Trust and the exciting developments underway at Okahu Bay.

The Orakei community is looking forward to the opening.

Real-time water-quality forecasts and public health alerts for 84 of the region's beaches. more
The initiative is part of an ambitious plan by Auckland Council to improve water quality in the region. 

Project Okahu Improving Water Quality In Okahu Bay 

It has been known for some time that Okahu Bay experiences issues with poor water quality. With the bay increasingly a focal point for cultural /public events and recreation it is important that these issues are given serious attention. more

Have your say 

on the preferred route for the Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive Shared Path (Section 4) and our proposal to widen Ngapipi Bridge

Auckland Transport and the NZ Transport Agency are planning significant work around Tamaki Drive and between Glen Innes and Tamaki Drive to walking and cycling facilities.

Please give feedback on the preferred route for section four of the Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive Shared Path, which will connect Orakei Basin to Tamaki Drive, and our plans to widen Ngapipi Bridge for pedestrians and cyclists.

  • Preferred route for section 4  of the Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive 
  • Shared Path The widening of Ngapipi Bridge.

 Your feedback will help inform the ongoing design and development of both projects.

You can provide feedback for the Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive Shared Path and Ngapipi Bridge widening online.

 Feedback is open until Sunday, 8 October 2017.

 The design of the Tamaki Drive Cycle Route has also been revised, following extensive consultation in June this year. You can find out more about the revised design here.


Ngapipi Rd Tamaki Drive intersection upgrade has started 
Construction is expected to take
a year(!)

During this period, traffic and pedestrian lanes will generally remain open, but speeds will be restricted to 30 km/hr.  AT advise that we can expect delays.

Changes will include:

  • installing traffic signals with pedestrian crossings
  • adding a second left-turn lane on Ngapipi Road
  • adding a second lane on the westbound approach of Tamaki Drive
  • extending the seawall on Tamaki Drive and Ngapipi Road to provide for the additional lanes and cyclist and pedestrian safety
  • upgrading the shared path and  creating separate cycle lanes.

Further information can be found on their website here.

Auckland Transport’s update on works along Tamaki Drive

Auckland Transport has three significant projects in various stages that will impact on Tamaki Drive between Ngapipi Road and the central city. 

These are:

 You can find more information and make a submission via the Auckland Transport website. 

Capture of Orakei History - New Project OCAI

The Orakei Community Association Inc is proposing a new project to prepare a readable history of Orakei, incorporating experiences of long-term residents of this area. If you are interested in such a project and would like to contribute your experiences or insights, please contact the Chairman OCA by email,

Please include the following in the email:

·        Name and surname

·        Contact phone number

·        Area of contribution

·        Convenient time to contact you.

Feel free to pass this message to non-members of Orakei Community Association Inc.

Kind Regards
Andries van der Westhuizen

Zoning for  Orakei revised

Check out the updated maps, showing the revised zoning for Orakei , according to the latest decisions from the Unitary Plan. 

Free education event discussing issues for people thinking of living in a retirement village

Starting 10.30am on Thursday 28 April – at the Auckland Bridge Club in Remuera.

 Please register  by calling 0800 268 269 or see more details here:


Have Your Say on the Annual Plan

Auckland Council is required to have a collective plan in place that outlines its prioritised projects, funding and financial policy information for the coming year. This document is known as the Annual Plan.

Consultation on the Draft Annual Plan for 2016/17 takes place between 15 February to 24 March. We want to hear your feedback before decisions on project priorities and budgets are made.

Some of our proposed projects include:

Ø The Meadowbank Community Centre upgrade as the building is at capacity and no longer fit-for-purpose. This requires funds to be brought forward from 2020/21 to 2016/17.

Ø The upgrade of four sport fields at Colin Maiden Park and new floodlights.

Ø The harbourside shared walkway project, identified in the Tamaki Drive Master Plan to improve the overall safety for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.

You can give feedback here:

Ø Online at Shape Auckland


Ø Have Your Say meeting: Ōrākei Community Centre: 156 Kepa Road, Thursday 10 March, 6.15pm to 8.15pm. 

Democracy has prevailed!!!!

Wednesday night (24 02 2016), after a marathon 6 hour meeting, the Auckland Council voted 13-8 to withdraw the evidence relating to Out of Scope zoning changes.


See this article


We applaud the determination of the Councillors who voted to withdraw the changes to persevere despite the scare tactics employed at the meeting. This is a victory for the democratic process. These Councillors listened to the people of Auckland. This issue was purely about the abuse of process by the Council. It is not about capacity - there is plenty of developable capacity across Auckland until 2026 and beyond which gives the Council plenty of time to undertake proper planning studies with consultation if there is a need for more intensification.


This radio interview on Morning Report this morning addressed some of the misinformation given at the meeting.


The Councillors who voted to withdraw the Out of Scope changes were:


Cameron Brewer

Cathy Casey

Ross Clow

Chris Darby

Chris Fletcher

Denise Krum

Mike Lee

Dick Quax

Sharon Stewart

John Walker

Wayne Walker

John Watson

George Wood


The Councillors who wanted to keep the Out of Scope changes were:


Mayor Len Brown

Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse

Arthur Anae

Bill Cashmore

Linda Cooper

Alf Filipaina

Calum Penrose

Penny Webster


We would particularly like to acknowledge the support of Desley Simpson, the Chairperson of the Orakei Local Board and the residents groups in the eastern suburbs who helped bring this issue into the limelight with the very successful public meeting held earlier this month.  

Super Cold card holder need to get HOP card for free travel after 9am

From 1 July 2016 SuperGold card holders will be required to have an AT HOP card. 
The price of a HOP card is $5.+ $5 minimum load. Total $10. 
December 17th the price of the HOP card will go up 100% to $10


            Considered parking issue

On Thursday, 29th of October a meeting was held
at the Orakei Community Centre.

This local residents meeting was organised by the Orakei Community Association Inc. in association with the Orakei local board.

The objective was, to give local residents the opportunity to listen and respond to Auckland Transport’s (AT) narrow street policy. The enforcement of this policy, and how they will manage this process.

Auckland Transport was represented by Rick Bidgood, Compliance Manager, Alok Vashista, Senior Parking Designer and Russell Derecourt, Parking Services Manager.

The meeting was very well attended by a large number of concerned local residents most of them living on a “narrow” street with the resulting problems of cars parking on footpaths. Concern was also raised about reckless parking in front of garages, blocking the footpath entirely.

It was appreciated by the Society that Auckland Transport took the time out to front with senior management the questions of local people and listen to their concerns.

A very informative presentation was given by Rick Bidgood, the Compliance Manager followed by enthusiastic comments, suggestions and discussions between the two opposing groups of residents, being @ 50% pro curb parking and @ 50% no parking on footpaths.

Auckland Transport pointed out that they are governed by law and that drivers must park their vehicles within the law. Therefore cars cannot be parked on or over a curb.

It was made clear that it is only legal to park on the road. E.g. no parking on footpaths, driveways, grass etc. “Common sense should prevail.” Furthermore, parking on the curb only encourages fast driving which is already a problem around Orakei, especially with commuters shortcutting through to the city.

Alternatively, AT, pointed out a broken yellow line could be placed on one side of the road but with the negative result of being only able to park on one site of the road, creating also a “fast” lane scenario.

During the meeting, a  few problem areas were identified for further investigation by Auckland Transport in collaboration with the community.

But there was also "Good News" from AT "3rd strike = ticket": 

  1. First time illegal parking offenders will receive a leaflet and number plate will be recorded.
  2. Second time illegal parking will get a warning. 
  3. Third time illegal parking offender get's a $ 40.00 ticket.

The Orakei Community Association appreciated very much Auckland Transport’s commitment to give the concerned (narrow street) residents this forum to discuss the parking issues with their management. 

The Orakei  Market, an initiative of the Orakei Residents Association brought  together local residents and (mostly) local stallholders.

The Association’s desk was very popular and visited by large numbers of people interested in the local community.
It was an excellent opportunity for the society to learn face to face what issues are important – it was clear that the future of local transport was uppermost in Orakei residents’ minds, followed by parking restrictions.
The Market organising committee received very positive feedback from stall holders and visitors alike. “We will be back” was the popular sentiment.

The next Orakei Market days
at the Orakei Community Centre, 156 Kepa Road next to Z Station from 9 to 1pm 

31 October
14 November
28 November
12 December


rates and valuations

find detailed information on an Auckland property including:

  • rates for 2015/2016
  • property valuation (District Valuation Roll)
  • links to detailed maps of property. 

Community NEWS

Efforts to accommodate Maori spiritual and cultural values in planning decisions have residents of Auckland’s most moneyed street manning the barricades.

Paritai Drive in Orakei, Auckland. Photo / Doug Sherring

The form letter posted to numbers "68 to 110a Paritai Drive" was not well-received by Gilda Kirkpatrick at No. 90, nor most of her well-heeled neighbours.

The April 9 letter from Ngati Whatua Orakei advised some of Auckland's most envied property owners they were sitting on a "Site of Significance to Mana Whenua", to be listed in the unitary plan. The plan "requires consultation with affected iwi to ensure any development respects the cultural values and associations with that site". What rankled Kirkpatrick, and others, was that they'd missed the opportunity to lodge opposing submissions - that deadline had passed 14 months earlier. Any neighbours (or their lawyers) who'd studied the daunting draft of the unitary plan had not recognised the name: Onepu Whakatakataka. No maps pinpointed the site.

Residents of 30 to 40 years' standing had never heard the name used for the point at the street's western end (some knew it as Hobson Pt), where views stretch across Hobson Bay to Mt Eden, to the city, and out to the harbour and gulf. 

Creating a more cohesive community in Orakei
by Karina Abadia
A newly created residents group in the Auckland suburb of Orakei wants to foster a sense of identity.

Groundswell of objections to Orakei rates rises  more

Rates hikes and a proposed transport levy have left residents in the bays feeling the pinch.

Orakei Local Board homeowners are set to continue to be the biggest contributors to Auckland residential rates and will collectively pay more than $112  million this financial year.

In the Orakei Ward rates will rise this year by an average of 8.5 per cent, which falls below the 9.9 per cent city-wide average increase.

We've gone from a 2.5 per cent promise to 9.9 per cent. more

Read the Orakei Community Centre's Newsletter

 Alcohol ban review

Do you think alcohol is a problem in your area? If so, we need you to provide evidence, otherwise 

under new legislation, some alcohol bans in our area will lapse.

We are required to provide documented evidence of alcohol-related crime or disorder in our public places to keep an alcohol ban, so we want to know of any alcohol-related issues in these public areas so we can make a case for which bans to keep.

Submissions on alcohol bans are open from 19 June to 17 July. Visit or phone 09 301 0101.