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 Notice to members and Invitation to attend
Orakei Community Forum and Association’s AGM

Thursday 1 st August 2019 at 7.00pm  Orakei RSA, 176 Kepa road 

7.00pm AGM – Minutes, reports, election of executive, general business

7.15pm Community Forum

- Auckland Transport’s response to OCA March forum

- Cr Desley Simpson – Council update

- Schooling in Orakei – speaker tbc

- Soapboxes – for members to voice a community idea – 3 minutes each

Executive nomination and financial report download here

Resource Consent Hearings
Mission Bay Development

30 July - 6 August

Update on Mission Bay 8 storey development


Dive and clean up
Okahu Bay
and Local Surrounds 
on Saturday 31 August 
and Sunday 1 Sept (Fathers Day).   


If you are yet to check out the Orākei Visual Framework,  read the whole document online at - Here you can also provide feedback..

Answers to the questions posed to
Auckland Transport 
at your Orakei Residents Association meeting in March:

What developments are planned at Orakei Station?  How far has work progressed?: 

  • This is a private initiative. Information about this in the in the attached document

Can you move the bus stop outside Orakei station so that it is closer to the station?

  • We do aspire to improve connections between buses and trains at Orakei Station but any new bus stops or changes to the bus route needs to be coordinated with the private redevelopment of the land around the station.  Plans for the redevelopment are not yet confirmed. 

Can you relocate the bus stop outside Orakei Station so that private traffic is not delayed by buses serving the stop?

  •  No, as we need to minimise the delays to public transport and get bus users as close to the station as we can.

Can the 781 be diverted in to the car park of Orakei Station?  

  • Given the current road layout, we cannot satisfactorily run buses in and out of the station car park all day every day.  As mentioned above, we do aspire to improve connections between buses and trains at Orakei Station but before we initiate any changes we need plans for the private redevelopment to be confirmed.

Can you increase the number of car parks at Orakei Station? 

  • No, as this does not align   with the Park and Ride Strategy.  A first step to maximise the use of   the park and ride would be to charge for parking at the station. 

Can you improve pedestrian access to and from Orakei Station?  Can you install a lift for customers?

  • Any access improvements would be done in conjunction with the redevelopment of the area around the station.

Can you make it easier for private traffic to exit the Orakei Station car park and turn right onto Orakei Rd?

  • If we were to make changes at this intersection it would require extensive road works, this would be very costly and therefore needs good justification to do so. AT has looked at this intersection and the crash history and risk assessment don’t suggest there is a major safety risk in this location and therefore we cannot currently justify changing its layout. There is also the option to turn left out of the station and then use the nearby roundabout to turn around and head back along Orakei Rd in the desired direction.

Can you check and confirm that Awarua Cres and the adjoining roads have the correct road markings?  The markings may have been temporarily removed but not properly restored.

  • The road markings on Awarua Cres were due for a repaint earlier in the year but the work was not done due to the wet weather at the time the work was scheduled. 
    This job is now due to be done on the first week of May 2019. 

Can you paint lines along the middle of Rukutai and Kurahaupo Streets?

  • Marking a centreline down these streets would be out of context with the surrounding access roads in this area and would not provide any additional safety benefits. Unless there is a loss of visibility, a centreline would only help to establish clear lanes which could encourage speeding. Without a justification there is no need for a centreline on a low volume access road. 



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